Hunter Fighter Collection Incorporated, preserving Fighters & Trainers at Scone NSW

About Hunter Fighter Collection

Hunter Fighter Collection (HFC) Incorporated is registered with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC) and has ATO deductible gift recipient (DGR) status. Established in September 2019 our Vision is to focus on the collection, acquisition, restoration and display of historical and significant Australian built and/or operated aircraft. Our Mission is to preserve the memory and history of military aircraft and its people for this and future generations.

Board of Management

Hunter Fighter Collection Incorporated is structured around a Board of Management. HFC Board Members are Volunteers, who receive no payment for their services, other than reimbursement approved for reasonable travel and other expenses incurred through their work. Our Board Members have a diverse range of skills and extensive experience in Business and the Aviation industry. Our Board maintains ethical standards based on a Code of Conduct and Conflict of Interest guidelines. To achieve our vision, Hunter Fighter Collection Inc. has established a Volunteer program, which is integral to fulfilling our strategic goals.

Ross Pay
Ross PayChairman
Ross Pay is the Managing Director and owner of a large Aviation company and an Aerial Firefighting company, providing firefighting services on behalf of Government agencies. He is highly regarded as a leader in the historical Warbird preservation movement and is an active community leader in Scone and the Upper Hunter Valley, NSW.
Mathew Clark
Mathew ClarkSecretary
Mathew Clark is a Managing Director of a large building and construction company, TFB Constructions. Mathew is a well-respected community leader in the Hunter Valley and is the President of the Scone Aero Club and supports and participates in many local Community Organizations.
John Parker
John ParkerPublic Officer
John Parker is a well-respected member of the historical Warbird Aviation Community and is an Aviation Journalist. John was a senior executive Manager in the Commonwealth and Queensland State Governments. With over 40 years of experience, he has managed large projects and teams, responsible for multi-million dollar budgets.
James Bailey
James BaileyBoard Member
James Bailey is a serving RAAF pilot with considerable experience in Aviation, both from the professional piloting and engineering aspects. James is well known in the Civil historic aviation community and within the RAAF and is strongly committed to the preservation of historic aircraft.
Paul Bennet
Paul BennetBoard Member
Paul Bennet is the owner and managing director of several Aviation and Manufacturing companies. As a pilot he regularly flies his historic Warbird aircraft at numerous displays across Australia and the world and is one of the most accomplished display aerobatic pilots in the World.
Philip Frawley
Philip FrawleyBoard Member
Phillip Frawley served in the RAAF for over 49 years and is the longest continuous serving fighter Pilot in the world. Phil remains actively involved in the aviation industry as a pilot of Historic display aircraft. He holds a civilian commercial pilots license with a civilian level two flying instructor rating.
Mark Jessop
Mark JessopBoard Member
Mark Jessop is one of the aviation industries most respected aviation photographers in Australia and the world. Mark is also a highly respected RAAF aviation historian and collector of aviation memorabilia.
Alexander Pay
Alexander PayBoard Member
Alexander Pay is an experienced pilot of historic aircraft and is involved in the restoration of the aircraft as part of the Vintage Fighter Restorations and Pays Aviation group at Scone NSW. Alexander is a Graduate of University of New England Australia and is involved in the management of several aviation companies.
Sam Pay
Sam PayBoard Member
Sam Pay is an experienced pilot and a member of the engineering team at Vintage Fighter Restorations, part of the Pays Aviation group, based at Scone NSW. Sam has a wealth of knowledge in aircraft maintenance and historic aviation. He is qualified in Aero Mechanical Engineering and is well regarded in the historic aviation industry.