North American P51-D Mustang

The P51-D Mustang was gifted to Hunter Fighter Collection by the RAF Museum Cosford UK and was shipped from the UK to HFC at Scone NSW in 2023.

The current markings and colour scheme on the Mustang are those of the late Flight Lieutenant Jack Cleland, RNZAF – one of the few Commonwealth pilots who did an exchange posting with the Americans (between 5 July and September 1944, often escorting USAAF B-17s). Jack was the only RNZAF pilot to fly with the 8th Air Force. To honour to Jacks’ wife, the original aircraft was named Isabel III with two crosses below the cockpit – a reminder of his earlier successes.

Maggie Appleton, Chief Executive Officer, RAF Museum said “Museum artefacts are more than just objects, they are a doorway to stories, memories and experiences that endure across generations. We are incredibly proud to be transferring the Mustang and Vampire to the Hunter Fighter Collection so that others across the world can learn from and be inspired by them.”

This Warbird is symbolic in commemorating the ANZAC contribution in World War II.

North American P51-D Mustang at Hunter Fighter Collection Scone NSW

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North American P51-D Mustang

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