A Spitfire fuselage structure has arrived at Hunter Fighter Collection to help the Supermarine Spitfire Mk Ia X4009 project. The Spitfire fuselage structure, still contained in its jig frame, was recently transported to Scone NSW from Toowoomba Qld. Work will commence soon to transform it into a mobile Spitfire display to assist with fundraising for the restoration and rebuild of Spitfire Mk Ia X4009, The Pat Hughes Spitfire.

Supermarine Spitfire A58-27 Fuselage History

This fuselage was constructed nearly 2 decades ago at Oakey, Queensland and was to be a full spitfire reproduction/recreation of Supermarine Spitfire Mk V RAAF A58-27. The project was discontinued after the entire fuselage structure was completed but not skinned. When the project ceased, the fuselage was stored for many years by one of the project team, Bill Martin of Toowoomba. Hunter Fighter Collection (HFC) contacted Bill, who was able to contact all the people with responsibility for the fuselage and HFC was able to secure the fuselage on a loan arrangement for the purposes of fundraising, to help advance the Pat Hughes Spitfire X4009 project.

Supermarine Spitfire X4009 Mobile Fuselage Display

The work Hunter Fighter Collection will do on the fuselage will see the fuselage structure completed and a skin applied to one side of it. It will then be accurately painted throughout as a representation of Supermarine Spitfire Mk Ia X4009. Unusable original components from Spitfire X4009 will be added to the display. As far as possible, the fuselage will be fitted with accurate equipment and fittings of a complete Spitfire Mk Ia.
Once the work is complete the aircraft will be mounted on a trailer and taken to airshows, ceremonies, and events to publicize and fundraise for the restoration of Spitfire X4009 at Scone by Hunter Fighter Collection. When not travelling to events, the fuselage will be on display at Hunter Warbirds – Scone NSW as a ‘touch and feel’ educational exhibit.

Follow the news and join the experience about the project to get Supermarine Spitfire X4009 flying again at the Pat Hughes Spitfire Facebook page.